Welcome to Illuminatedsoulz.greatproductconnections.com and Wholistic Hauora page has a genuine concern for all people and it spring boards its message from a Maaori world view which encompasses four main pillars of Dr Duries model named the Tapawha; Four Pillars that are said to uphold the Tangata or person. 1st Pillar is Family and the well being of individuals in the family. Your physical self and the fundamental disciplines needed to maintain this. Thirdly is the mental health and the workings of the mind. Lastly the spiritual health of yourself and people around us. All four are important together and I hope to give people access to these through readings and products of the arts and crafts of the Maaori, the language of the Maaori, and the spiritual guidance through a Universal lens in which there is no resistance to linking to all cultures and religions.An indigenous perspective from New Zealand Aotearoa. Purchase these products in love and Light Shoppers.